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Hello, my name is Trevor Pooley and I’m the Director of NTT Forklift Training Ltd.
I’ve been driving forklift trucks since 1998. I think forklift driving is a great skill to have.
Reliable and safe drivers are always in demand. I believe that the best training courses are relaxed and interesting. 

Having spent the last 10 years as a forklift instructor sub contracting for large training organisations i decided to start my own company, So I started NTT Forklift Training Ltd to share my passion for forklift driving safety, to help people succeed in the industry and create safe work environments for everyone.

We pride our selves on been 21st century forklift training provider because so much has changed in the industry since the 60’s new forklifts have been released new understanding of stability and truck safety, Our aim is simple and effective to give both our customers and trainees the best service with excellent customer care and high standard of forklift training.


So, how easy is it to get a Forklift Licence and what are the rules.

The true fact is, there isn’t really such a thing as a Forklift Licence, however you do still need to go through the same sort of motions as taking your standard car test.

Forklift Training helps to certificate a person, to ensure they adhere to the Health and Safety laws and can operate the forklift truck safely. Whilst there are no strict rules on renewals of certification, insurance companies and HSE recommend that all trainees are “refreshed” every three years. It is the employers duty to ensure all their employees have had suitable training on the forklift trucks.

There are many ways to get your Forklift Licence, here at National Truck Training we offer on-site Forklift Training. This is where we send one of our highly trained forklift instructors to an employers premises and train the employees within the comfort of their workplace. There are many benefits to on-site forklift training, the fact that the employee is training in a familiar environment on a forklift truck he will use on a day to day basis, is a huge benefit.

HSE Recognised Training

NTT Forklift Training Ltd can provide your business with trained forklift instructors to work on-site with your staff. Be it a Novice, Semi-experienced or Refresher!

All instructors hold Public Liability Insurance, carry TV/DVD’s or Laptops to show training videos and all the necessary paperwork to provide theory and practical testing on-site, to the highest level.

National Truck Training Instructors ensure that all trainees are qualified to the highest possible standard following all HSE legislation. Our Forklift Instructors keep all relevant staff informed at all times of the progress of any trainees.

Health and Safety recognised certificates are issued upon completion of all the relevant exams and paperwork*.

Our prices are competitive and we do not charge extra for travelling or congestion charges. We can even fit our Forklift Training in with your shift patterns or weekend work at No Extra Cost! (Subject to Availability)

No Hidden Cost Forklift Training

Our Forklift Training Schedule can be planned around you and your business. We can arrange to train around shift patterns and even weekends at no additional cost.
We do not charge any extra for travel or accommodation, the price we quote is the price you will pay.
Our prices are also inclusive of certificates which are issued upon completion of relevant tests, paperwork and payment terms.

We provide in-house training certificates as standard, however you can choose to upgrade to one recognised by our accredited training body.
In-house certificates are recognised by the HSE and insurance company. The certificates comply with the recommendation of the Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Trucks Operator Training (L117) A(L) A5 Issue 1-1 September 2000.

Our Flexible Training

Our Forklift Training is to your convenience to your staff and your business.  Our trainers are available to train weekdays and weekends.Our prices include the issue of attained certificates, relevant tests and paperwork.

Certificates comply with the Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Trucks Operator Training (L117) A(L) A5 Issue 1-1 September 2000.

  • Great course professional highly recommended

    Adrian Hudson

  • Brilliant training from Trevor, very professional and informative, would definitely recommend.

    Darren Martin

  • Absolute brilliant service, brilliant teacher , 100% advise, wish all teachers where like trev

    Ian Howse

  • Trevor was a really good instructor. Very patient and helpful. Explained everything clearly. Would definitely recommend this company.

    Kelvin Jonas

  • Trevor makes you feel quite comfortable while training cheers

    Craig Holland

  • Great trainer, great course

    Steven Garcia

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